Frequently Asked Questions

01. How do I get started?

Download the Thursday POS & Appointments app on iOS. Add your services, business details, and staff to get set up. Now you’re ready to take appointments & manage your sales, customers, and so many. Follow a step-by-step guide here.

Next, see which hardware option is best for your front desk to level up your checkout. Compare hardware here.

02. Is Thursday right for my business?

Thursday has what you need whether you own a hair salon, spa, tattoo parlor, nail salon, or another type of business that requires a salon or booking POS. Our solution makes it easy to integrate booking online, scheduling, staff management, client forms, and payments so you can run your business seamlessly from one app.

03. How can I switch from my current salon booking solution?

You can bulk import your customer list into Thursday. You can also embed Thursday Bookings into your website or put the booking link to your social media pages. All online appointments will sync to Thursday app in real-time and ready to check out with our super easy to use POS.

04. Do I require annual payment for Thursday POS?

No, it’s not required. You can go with the monthly plan if that suits you. However, paying annually will get you up to 8000 SMS Credits* per year (saving $400-$640**), or 20% discount if you don’t need SMSs.

*1 SMS Credit = 1 SMS with maximum 160 non-Unicode characters.

**In Australia only. Cost varies per country.

05. Will I lose my data if my iPad is broken?

No. Thursday is a cloud-based system and all your data is securely stored in the cloud computing network powered by Google. It’s the same cloud platform used by PayPal, UPS & Airbus.

06. Do you offer an one-off, lifetime license?

Yes, we may offer this on a case by case basis. Please reach us at for discussion.

07. Can I use a single Thursday account for business with multiple locations (different staff, service prices, etc.)?

Yes absolutely. Thursday was designed to support businesses at any size, from 1 to 100 locations without any issues.

08. Can my staff see everything about my business when logged into Thursday?

Thursday was designed with in-depth permissions which you can specify for different staff roles. So your staff can only access what you allow them to.

09. Can I permanently delete my sales data from Thursday?

No. Thursday is designed to comply with Australian laws and you won’t be allowed to delete your sales data from the system. However, you can always void a sale transaction if it was made by mistake or created during training.

10. Is Thursday Checkin a COVID safe checkin system?

Not really. Thursday Checkin can be used to track COVID-Safe checkin if your local state/government doesn’t have a check in system. However, if you are in Australia, Thursday Checkin can’t be used for COVID-Safe checkin. You must use the government-developed app to check in.

11. Can I remove *Reply STOP to opt out* from promotion SMSs in order to reduce characters per SMS?

No. As required by Australian Spam Act 2003/NZ Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007, you must allow customers to stop receiving promotion messages if they don’t want to.

12. Does Thursday support booking notification by SMS?

Yes, with our Plus and Pro plan.

13. Which hardware will I need to run Thursday POS?

Typically you will need an iPad, a receipt printer, a cash-drawer & better to have our $0 EFTPOS Terminal for a completed POS/Appointment Management system with built-in EFTPOS payment.

14. Can I use my printers from the previous system?

Yes or No. If your printer has an Ethernet connection (LAN cable) it is probably working with Thursday. If you are not sure, no worries, just drop us a message, we will help you out in no time.

15. How & where do Thursday provide support?

We do support per chat (24/7) and phone support in Australia/New Zealand.

16. Do you provide onsite support?

We can do onsite support for multi-location businesses but you will need to pay for this service. Please reach us for more information.